Apr 112014

Every time a new car or updated model comes out I spend a bunch of time picking apart the car, comparing it to the old version and or just showing off all the cool stuff. There is no exception to this for the 2015 WRX’s and STI’s, you just need to be patient. Instead of starting out by doing tthis “2015 WRX/STI Exposed”, we spent a lot of time determining what current parts we make will fit the new cars. After that was done, I couldn’t help but start coming up with new parts to make for them!

We already have about 10 new products that we will be making for the 2015 WRX and STI, which are unique to these cars. What are those parts? When will they be available? You will just have to wait and see! Over the next few weeks you will see some new posts that go over both cars in detail, as well as the new parts we have come up with. Keep checking back over the next few weeks!


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