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How This Came To Life

Like a lot of parts I come up, it starts with something I make just for my car that I think no one else will want, and then it turns into a real part. This is exactly how the Wing Riser Kit for the 08-14 STI Hatchback happened as well. One day I made a bunch of spacers and pieces to raise the wing off the car and next thing i know, people wanted it!

In the case of the PERRIN Gurney Flap, it happened exactly the same way. Adam bought one of the Camaro Z28’s with the Wicker Bill option and it got me thinking about doing that on my car. Just like the factory GM part, it would require drilling, and I was willing to do it as worst case I would just remove my wing. After finding center of the wing I went to town and drilled some holes. At this point the guys in the shop thought I was crazy drilling holes in my new car… I installed the inserts, cut some cardboard then started shaving into shape.


This part is a hard one to figure out because it can be made so many ways. Taller shorter, longer sharper, rounder and different materials. Literally, there are endless options. After lots of opinions and 4-5 versions of cardboard, I made a metal one and drove around for a few days deciding if it was cool or not. So many people actually liked it, that it started to become a potential real product for us to sell. The next step was to have a couple versions laser cut and install them on the car to get customers opinions. As of this moment the project on hold while we seek help from the Subaru Community. What style do you like? What do you NOT like about it? Any reasonable suggestions will be taken into consideration. We would love it if you participate in our polls we have going on social media, your opinion matters!


Product Details

What does this fit? Specifically, this fits any 2015+ WRX with the low profile trunk spoiler option. This comes standard on the Limited and Premium WRX, but it is an optional part on the WRX Base and STI Limited. We have seen the low profile spoiler installed on some of the Impreza Sedans, so there could be a few other models this fits. For now we are focusing on the WRX and STI models.

How does it install? We are currently tweaking the instructions, but quick version is this: Locate your first hole (center of wing), drill and install supplied insert. Bolt on Gurney flap, and use part to locate remaining holes (making sure they are centered vertically on spoiler). Double check measurements then drill remaining holes and install inserts using supplied tool. Bolt on wing and done! Beside being timid to drill some holes in your car, the install should be 1 hour or less.


How does it function? We have not tested this in our wind tunnel yet (we don’t’ have one actually) nor have we done any CFD testing.  Most likely will not go to those lengths until we get a little deeper into the project. At this point the primary function is looks as it adds a nice clean edgy look to the WRX’s and STI’s with the low spoiler installed. For sure this part does add downforce, but the amount it adds isn’t something we are going to provide to customers right away. Until then think of this part as a dress-up/rear deck lid cleaner. You can totally tell that it is working since the top of the trunk lid stays very clean.

Here are a few more pics to help.

gurneyrear2      gurneyrear1

Gurneyside1      Gurneyside2

Gurneyside3        Gurneyside4

gurneyfinal1      gurneyfinal2      gurneyfinal3

 visibility1       visibility2       visibility3

As this project progresses we will post up more info!

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