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Toyota 86 Performance Parts and Mods

As the successor to the Scion FR-S, the Toyota 86 is a sister car to the Subaru BRZ. Sporting the same 2.0-liter boxer motor and a fabulous chassis, the 86 is a perfect platform for any enthusiast interested in modifying a car. Unlike most Subaru-powered vehicles, the 86 is RWD. This defining characteristic makes it a popular choice for sports car enthusiasts and anyone interested in a fun driving experience over pure speed.

At PERRIN Performance, we offer a wide range of aftermarket performance parts and accessories to help your 86 make more power, handle better, and look the part at any car show or on the road.

Check out our engine and intake upgrades for 86 power mods like cold air intakes, performance filters, lightened pulleys, and more. These modifications do the work of lightening your engine’s rotational mass, increasing rev response, and helping flow larger volumes of air at lower temperatures. Just by opening up and optimizing the 4U-GSE with these engine mods, you can drastically improve the driving experience in your 86.

Reduce drivetrain power loss with upgraded motor and transmission mount parts. These more solid mounts help keep your engine from losing energy through vibration, allowing more of its rotational power to make it to the wheels.

Improve on the phenomenal handling of the 86 with suspension upgrades like beefier sway bars and end links with polyurethane bushings. Both of these upgrades improve body roll and remove those squishy rubber bushings that allow your suspension to flex and prevent optimal weight transfer when cornering. Let everyone know that you’re 86 isn’t just another stock car when rolling down the road or popping your hood at the meet. With our exterior accessory parts and engine dress up modifications, you can make a statement while personalizing your 86.

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