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Subaru, Toyota, & Honda Cold Air Intakes and Air Induction Parts

At PERRIN Performance, our air induction parts, cold air kits, and filters are proven to help you improve airflow to your motor and increase power. We carry air induction parts for a variety of brands and models, including: 

Whether you’re looking for a cold air intake kit or accessory pieces like turbo inlet hoses, charge pipes, and foam air filters, our induction parts give you the form and function you’d expect from a top-tier aftermarket part.

One benefit of an aftermarket intake is sound. While burbly exhausts and turbo wastegate blowoff often take the spotlight, nothing makes a car sound like business more than the throaty whoosh of a less restricted induction system as it barrels towards you. Pair our induction parts with an exhaust for the complete auditory package! Once you open up the airflow to your engine, consider making other modifications that a new intake supports, like a Cobb Accessport and tune or turbo upgrade. If you’ve reached the end of your list of performance upgrades, our engine dress up and exterior and body accessories help make your car stand out from the crowd.

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