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Subaru, Toyota, Honda Wheel Spacers

At PERRIN Performance, our wheel spacers and wheel adapters help your wheels and tires fit as well as possible. Whether you’re running a tight offset or just need to fill out the fender well, our collection of spacers for Honda, Subaru, and Toyota vehicles can help your car look its best.

Give your vehicle the perfect stance the first time with a PERRIN Performance spacer. Featuring a ‘perfect fit’ hub-centric design, pre-installed aluminum wheel studs, and low-profile lug nuts, our spacers and adapters can instantly transform your OEM wheel and tire fitment.

We’ve developed a collection of wheel spacers and wheel adapters for:

While we do our best to make our spacers tailored for their respective bolt patterns and models, we recommend double-checking your measurements so you order the correct size wheel spacers or adapters! 

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