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Subaru & Toyota Suspension Parts

Performance means more than just horsepower. PERRIN Performance offers a variety of suspension upgrades that will help stiffen and extend the life of your vehicle’s most fragile components. Whether you’re tackling the track, the backroads, or the rough city streets, your vehicle and your passengers will appreciate a smoother driving experience. 

Don’t know where to start? Replacing stock rubber bushings and plastic endlinks with polyurethane bushings and aluminum endlink replacements is a great way to immediately improve the handling of your car and get a more responsive drive. A strut brace underneath the hood will help your vehicle remain stiff under heavy braking and eliminate strut tower flex. If you’re in need of more stability and stiffened suspension, you can keep your wheels planted and improve cornering traction with an adjustable swaybar.

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When you need to upgrade your vehicle’s performance capabilities, trust the selection of aftermarket parts from PERRIN. Check out our brake parts and drivetrain upgrades today!

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