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Subaru BRZ Performance Parts and Mods

At PERRIN Performance, we offer a wide range of aftermarket Subaru BRZ mods to help you personalize and improve the performance of your BRZ. With incredible driving characteristics and balance from the factory, it may be hard to believe that the BRZ can get much better, but with the help of our aftermarket performance parts, you can take your BRZ to the next level.

Improve responsiveness or completely overhaul your air induction system with air filters and cold air intakes. The BRZ may not be the most powerful performance car in Subaru’s lineup, but a supercharger kit gives the power bump that many owners feel the stock motor is missing.

It’s no secret that the real strength of the BRZ is its handling. We offer a number of suspension upgrades that tighten the handling and cut down on body roll. Check out our adjustable sway bars, poly bushings, and spherical bearings, all of which help tighten up your car’s ride and handling.

Further increase your connection to the car with a range of shifting accessories that make the BRZ’s notchy shifter even better, like weighted shift knobs and improved bushings.

The characteristic boxer motor burble can be enhanced with a PERRIN cat back exhaust kit, giving the car a more distinct, yet refined volume pump at idle and under throttle. Standing out from the crowd can be just as important and beating them to the finish line. Our engine dress up, exterior and body, and interior mods straddle the line between form and function, improving the way you interact with your BRZ and giving it some personalized style.

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