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Subaru STI Performance Parts and Mods

The Subaru STI has been a performance car staple for years and continues to be an enthusiast-focused car year after year. With a powerful turbo boxer motor and sophisticated AWD drivetrain, it may seem like there’s not much to improve on the STI, but these cars are excellent platforms for modification. At PERRIN Performance, we offer a wide range of aftermarket Subaru STI mods to help you personalize and improve the performance of your STI. 

Increase power and responsiveness with modifications using our line of air induction parts, engine parts, electronics, intercoolers, turbo accessories, and turbo kits. Enhance the signature sound of your STI’s boxer motor with a Perrin exhaust kit or upgrade your exhaust with incremental improvements. 

Find more grip in your STI than ever before with suspension upgrades and eliminate power-sucking drivetrain loss with upgraded bushings and mounts. Make the shifting experience special with short shifters and shift knobs that bring a notchy, race feeling to every gear change. Interested in making a statement at the car show or on the road? Check out our line of STI engine dress up equipment to make your car stand out wherever you pop the hood. Exterior and body modifications help your STI stand out from the crowd at a Cars and Coffee event or at the track.

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